Making History: An Interview With Katrina Burton, AMWA’s New President-Elect


  • JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM Freelance Medical Writer, Sandy Springs, GA



The year 2020 was one that we will not soon forget. A global pandemic brought the world to its knees, social unrest reached a boiling point, and divisive politics made us weary. And yet, there were countless bright spots amid the chaos. One of those bright spots occurred right here within AMWA, with Katrina Burton, BS, elected to serve as AMWA’s next President-Elect. She is the first Black person to hold this position in the organization. The announcement of her election filled me with excitement. Being asked to interview Burton for the Journal was like icing on the cake. As a Black woman, I felt honored to be tasked with interviewing Burton to learn more about her life, medical writing career, and goals for AMWA. I sat down with Burton—via Zoom, of course—prepared for an interview that ended up feeling more like a conversation between friends.




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Pendergrass J. Making History: An Interview With Katrina Burton, AMWA’s New President-Elect. AMWA. 2021;36(1). doi:10.55752/amwa.2021.147



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