Jam Session for Seasoned Freelancers


  • Brian Bass, MWC




The Jam Session for Seasoned Freelancers was born of the realization that when experienced freelancers get together and “talk shop,” the topics of interest and concern are often much different from those of both new and less-experienced freelancers. The open session is typically conducted with participants seated in a large circle where everyone is equal, and everyone is invited to ask questions and offer advice. Moving in 2020 to the virtual format proved that this open and interactive (gently controlled) session fluidly translates to the virtual environment.

As always, the Jam Session (held virtually in 2 smaller sessions instead of 1 large session) elicited a lot of important and insightful discussion. Several themes rose to the top: finances, contracts, and life after coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In this article, members of the Freelance Forum have joined virtually to add their comments to the topics that were discussed.

Contributors include

Brian Bass
Cathryn D. Evans
Sherri Bowen
Melissa L. Bogen



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Bass B. Jam Session for Seasoned Freelancers. AMWA. 2021;36(1). doi:10.55752/amwa.2021.134



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