The Future of Medical Writing: A Panel of One


  • Lisa Chamberlain James, PhD Senior Partner, Trilogy Writing & Consulting, Cambridge, England



Of all the points in the evolution of the medical writing profession, I believe we are at the pinnacle of what promises to be the most exciting and biggest paradigm shift in medical writers’ roles and responsibilities. With an accompanying leap in the introduction and use of technology in ways we have only dreamt of until now, this is a huge opportunity for all of us. However, it will also require medical writers to expand and hone their already extensive skill sets, and for their managers to embrace new technology and empower their teams to really grow and flourish into their new roles. For those forward-thinking companies, the rewards—including increased job satisfaction, faster and more effective submissions and approvals, increased general public engagement, and productivity from their teams—promise to be significant.



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Chamberlain James L. The Future of Medical Writing: A Panel of One. AMWA. 2022;37(4). doi:10.55752/amwa.2022.210



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