Technology to Further Medical Writing: Status and Future Vision


  • Helle Gawrylewski, MA Former Senior Director, Global Regulatory Writing, Johnson & Johnson, New Hope, PA
  • Nimita Limaye, PhD Vice President, Research, IDC Health Insights, Needham, MA



The panel members respond to questions that have been raised during sessions on different developments in using technology in medical writing. Medical writing is a profession dedicated to transforming data and analyses into useful and digestible information, whether that information involves regulatory applications or documents for the public and, specifically, patients. Decisions about treatments or granting of approvals depend on the distillation being accurate, clear, and understandable. Using available technology well can support this goal in that it is a means for shifting a writer’s focus from what can be accomplished by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and functions to the creation of content.



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Gawrylewski H, Limaye N. Technology to Further Medical Writing: Status and Future Vision. AMWA. 2022;37(4). doi:10.55752/amwa.2022.209



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